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SCHOOL OF POLITESSE - Pieces de Clavecin

"This is Couperin for real people, a Couperin that is flesh and blood beneath the polished exterior."
British Harpsichord Society 2007. more reviews

The programme sets out to illustrate Couperin’s theatrical sense and was made in conjunction with the book, ‘The mirror of human life’; reflections on Couperin’s Pièces de Clavecin by Jane Clark and Derek Connon. The first part of the Premier Ordre is relatively conventional but even here the composer carefully contrasts adjacent pieces, whilst the Sixiême Ordre reveals his acute sense of characterisation. This is followed by the Treiziéme Ordre, Couperin’s wonderful portrait of human frailty, and in the Dixneuviéme Ordre the precision with which he refers to particular plays is seen. In the final, world-weary Vingt-Septiéme Ordre Couperin bids his farewell.

Jane Clark (harpsichord)

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