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School of Politesse
"This is Couperin for real people, a Couperin that is flesh and blood beneath the polished exterior."
British Harpsichord Society 2007.

Kings over the Water
"An interesting and enterprising CD"
Classical Music on the Web
, November 2001.

The Country House and The Grand Tour
"An insight into the music that appealed to contemporary audiences. Stylishly performed on period instruments."
Early Music Review
, October 1999.
"Accomplished singing... the instruments play with spirit and good style."
Fanfare, May/June 2000.
"Researched with much careful scholarship and the results of this are presented in the extensive and informative notes. They provide insights into the whole culture of the 'upper crust' of English society of the day and the centrally important role that music played in their lifestyle."
Classical Music on the Web
, November 1999.
"Truly engaging... the sound is good, so are the performances... the booklet is interesting."
American Record Guide
, May/June 2000.

Handel's Rivals
"Extremely interesting repertoire; we hear about Handel's trials and tribulations at the hands of other imported composers, but rarely do we get to hear any of their music. I hope they go on to discover more gems."
Early Music Review
, December 1999.
"London of the early 1700s must have been an operatic hothouse if these 'hits' are at all representative... celebratory performances. The two voices (Vassiliou & Elliott) are well nigh ideal. Good documentation and full texts (in Italian and English)."
Classical Music on the Web
, February 2000.
"An entertaining disc of London's favourite arias."
BBC Music Magazine, August 2000.

The Country House; The Grand Tour; Handel's Rivals
"For me the highlight of this year was three records of music by Handel's Rivals, recorded by Jane Clark and her Janiculum Ensemble. The set explores the music heard by the British when abroad on the Grand Tour (JAND202) and brought back to be performed in their country houses (JAND201). Handel's rivals were the Italian opera composers whose music triumphed in London in the early eighteenth century and perpetually threatened Handel's pre-eminent position (JAND203). It is good to hear more of the music that people at the time listened to and to have some escape from our own musical fashions."
International Record Review
, (December 2000),
"THE BEST OF THE YEAR" by Edward Corp

Domenico Scarlatti; an Italian in Spain
"The committed playing of Jane Clark (informed by her research into the man, the music and the milieu) makes this an attractive proposition."
Classical Music on the Web
, February 2000.
"Jane Clark spices her Scarlatti recital with an expert knowledge of Spanish folk music. Her programme succeeds in illustrating Scarlatti's range of emotion and style."
BBC Music Magazine
, July 2000.
"Jane Clark's notes alone are worth the 'price of admission' ... she is a compelling advocate for this folk-music informed view of Scarlatti's Iberian sonatas."
The Diapason
(USA), September 2000.

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